Mystical Mirror Series

By: Debra Mckenzie

Realities may bend upon self reflection.

Dare you take a glimpse?

One hypothesis of Parallel Dimension Theory is that there is a multiverse of universes for every possibility of circumstances a person can have. What if you were born as the opposite sex? Or maybe gay? How would that change who you are as a person today? And what if you could cross over to another universe and experience it for yourself? Would it change how you think? This series seeks to explore learning empathy for other kinds of people by simply walking in similar shoes for a short time.

Book 1 : Reality Reflections

Mirrors are fascinating objects. They show us what we look like when we cannot see our own selves. Sometimes they show us the realities we don’t want to confront. Some people even speculate that mirrors are doors to other dimensions. Janet is an average woman who’s never thought about what transgender people go through so she blatantly disregards their narrative as invalid. She’ll soon have a lot to learn.

Book 2 : Deceiving Destiny

When life’s got you down, it’s often difficult to be grateful for the good things you have. We often long for different circumstances in our past with hopes of making our present better. What would it be like to get everything you ever wanted instead of the life you have now? Alexandra, a transgender woman, is about to find out.

Book 3 : Frustrating Fascination

Sean's stuck in an angry rut because he's tried for years to get over his wife leaving him for a woman. This and a few other factors in his life have conditioned him to be disgusted with anything LGBT. He'll never understand how a woman could love another woman or how a man could love another man. That is until suddenly one day he wakes up gay.

Editorial Reviews

"I liked how Debra showcased the realities of being LGBT in a conservative community. Sometimes, our surroundings and nurturing may impact our views on life's diversity. In a world full of economic hardships, the least we can do is be non-judgmental and respect people's lives and decisions. However, even some presidents in the most developed nations are against people living their truths. I recommend Frustrating Fascination to anyone living a closeted life, too afraid to come out. " - Online Book Club

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